Why Choose Us

Enjoy the convenience of a veterinarian that travels to you, complete with an exam room where your pet can be evaluated. Our clinic is based out of Carroll County, Maryland. Whether your dog or cat needs an annual physical or medical treatment, we can be there to help!

Top reasons our customers use our mobile clinic:

  • Convenient & Affordable!
  • Less Stress/Trauma for your pet
    • No traveling required for pets that suffer anxiety and motion-sickness
  • High quality care
  • No exposure to other sick pets
  • Non-rushed uninterrupted time with the veterinarian
    • Most veterinary hospitals schedule appointments every 15 minutes. Our appointments run 30 to 45 minutes. We want to take the time to thoroughly evaluate your pet in his or her environment, as well as answer all of your questions.
  • A fully equipped mobile veterinary clinic at your front door
  • The waiting room is your home

Our practice is geared to busy pet owners, multiple pet households, elderly or disabled clients, and anyone wanting convenient, yet quality veterinary medicine. We look forward to meeting you and your 4 legged family members soon!