Our Services

House Call Services

  • Wellness care, annual checkups
  • Vaccination protocols to match your pet’s lifestyle and risks
  • Diagnostic blood work
  • Microchip permanent identification
  • Medical management of illnesses (including diabetes and thyroid conditions)
  • Flea and tick control, heartworm prevention and testing
  • Laser Therapy – Please view the link under this heading
  • Geriatric care (home hospice)
  • Compassionate euthanasia & cremation – Please view the link under this heading

Clinic Services

  • All listed house call services
  • Full surgical services
  • Dental procedures
  • Digital x-rays

Pet taxi services available in some areas to transport pets to our facility

Mobile and Clinic Visits

Pets are seen by appointment. To schedule an appointment, call the practice at 410-597-9237. We try our best to stay on schedule; however, some flexibility is needed due to traffic and the nature of the appointments previous to yours. We will, of course, call you in case of great delay.

For house call visits, your pet will be examined and treated in our mobile clinic that is outfitted with the same equipment you would find in a standard veterinary practice exam room. Working in the van, we are able to more efficiently care for your pet because the necessary equipment and supplies are within reach. As a rule, we do not attempt to treat your animal in the home environment. Pets can feel threatened or become dangerously protective when approached by new people on their own territory.

To prevent accidental escape, we ask that you use proper restraint (leash, pet carrier) of pets before leaving the house. You are encouraged to come along with your pet to observe examination and treatment.

Euthanasia is a service that is available inside the home or in a location of your choosing. It is of utmost importance that you and your pet are in the most comfortable, stress-free environment of your choosing at this time. We also offer pet cremations services with a variety of options for your convenience. Please call for information and pricing.


Payment is expected at the time services are performed. We accept check, cash, Mastercard, VISA, and Discover. You are encouraged to discuss charges or request an estimate prior to services being rendered.